Aviation Quality Assurance Services

Aviation Fuel Handling

Fuel Handling

Assure your staff uses safe, efficient, fuel handling procedures.

Aviation Fuel Storage

Fuel Storage

Proper use of measuring and monitoring systems.

Aviation Fuel Filtering


Proper filter maintenance and documentation.

Aviation Fuel delivery proceedures

Delivery Procedures

Pumping from a road tanker into your storage tanks.

Aviation Fuel Quality Training


Assure your team has the knowledge they need.

Aviation Fuel Fast Loading Training

NFPA Compliance

National Fire Protection Association Code Compliance.

When Fuel Quality Matters, Trust AviationQC



Aviation QC can provide FBO’s, and corporate operators with their own fuel systems, a comprehensive review of their fuel operations, to help identify areas of strength and areas needing modification, to help develop a plan of action that will give your customers the confidence in selecting your operation as the right choice for their fuel needs.



Aviation QC can provide onsite training of your personnel to help them utilize, and complements, the various online training courses. This can reduce the time you have to take away from your other duties to complete training needs. Training can be tailored to cover different operations, from accepting fuel loads, fuel farm checks and procedures, aircraft fueling, necessary documentation and record keeping.



Aviation QC can also provide customized service programs, that monitor your fueling operation, that help you with compliance of the plan you establish, and that follow industry standards. These service programs can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.



Aviation QC is also available to assist with corrective actions for post industry audits, new installations and emergency fuel problems. For more information on available services, detailed explanation of included testing, procedures, and training services, please contact us



Fees are based on services provided. As each client’s operations are of different sizes, configurations, and needs, pricing is quoted on a case by case basis. Payment is required at time of service unless arrangements are agreed to, in writing, in advance. Deposit of 50% is required prior to start of services. All remaining balances are due at time of invoice. Expenses and per-diem are additional.


More than 50 Years of Aviation Experience

About Us

AviationQC was founded by Dennis Mack. With a passion for aviation and over 50 years of experience, we think you'll agree he's the right man for the job. His background includes military, corporate, non-scheduled airlines, flight instruction, government contractor, law enforcement, aircraft accident investigation and FBO operations covering flight and maintenance.

Licenses held include ATP airplanes and helicopters, single and multi-engine, CFI airplanes and helicopters, single and multi-engine, FAA A+P, former FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and former Aircraft Accident Prevention Counselor.

Fuel quality experience started with quality control for a national race team. Nine years of FBO experience, servicing airlines, military, corporate, and private general aviation operations, with eight years of responsibility for fuel quality control.

His training includes quality control courses for two major national fuel suppliers, and NATA fuel service supervisor training and fuel farm operations and management, with regular recurrent training fulfilling the requirements of FAR 139.321.

As an FBO Quality Control representative, Dennis has participated in over 30 QC audits from airlines, Defense Logistics Agency, FAA and major fuel brands.

Membership is held in the following organizations: NATA, NBAA, HAI, and APSA.

  • After working with Dennis and his team, we now understand how important this really is.

  • Our customers appreciate our fuel quality assurance program.

  • It's peace of mind. One less thing I have to worry about.


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